Planting of 3.2 ha of miscanthus on the Wailly Beauchamp BAC

Planting Environmental Services in Oise

At the end of April 2024, a project was launched in Wailly Beauchamp (62) by a farmer committed to protecting water resources.
3.2 ha of miscanthus planted to reduce phytosanitary pressure on the highly sensitive catchment area 500 m below the plot.
Miscanthus will also help reduce mudflows and erosion.

People were there to brave the wind and the cold, and to share their views on the dynamic under construction.
Present were

- Benoît Bailleux, in charge of water resource protection at CA2BM, Communauté d'Agglomération des 2 Baies en Montreuillois, and two of his colleagues from the erosion and flooding departments.

- 4 farmers concerned by this priority BAC and who have set up a GIEE (Environmental and Economic Interest Group).

- And Léa Hermier from the Nord - Pas de Calais Chamber of Agriculture.

Miscanthus will be used locally for bedding, mulching and heat production.
Future miscanthus users will also play an active role in improving water quality.

You'll be able to follow the development of the plot, which is visible from the freeway, at the Wailly Beauchamp exit.

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