Environmental Assets


Miscanthus: a virtuous crop for the environment

Miscanthus can be used to produce renewable energy, to protect water catchment basins, for sustainable construction, etc. Miscanthus is appreciated for its excellent performance and many environmental benefits.

Ecological Culture

Low chemical input:
- No need for protection after planting
- No systematic fertilization
Very favorable carbon balance
Energy ratio (energy produced / energy consumed) of about 30 to 45 (sources: DTI and AILE study).

Preservation of the environment

Sterile and non-invasive plant.
Protection of soils against erosion.
Protection of water quality.
Efficient use of nitrogen and water (no need to add nitrogen to maximize cane yield).

Rich fauna cover

Good cover for refuge, nesting and feeding
Fixed edge element creating a mosaic of crops favorable to wildlife movement.

Mickaël Huard© (in French)

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