Miscanthus Crop Buyback


Miscanthus Crop Buyback

Novabiom can buy back miscanthus crops in some regions.

Adding value to miscanthus cane is a key stage in your project. Novabiom offers annual or multi-year buy-back contracts at guaranteed prices for certain sectors, to help you set up operations in your area, meet market demand and develop local utilization projects.

We offer 10-year contracts at 90 to 100 euros/tonne (harvested/stored) to supply our trade markets in certain regions.

We also offer Starter contracts (in certain regions) which allow you to consider marketing miscanthus chips yourself, but which also provide a safety net, sometimes necessary to make the decision to start a miscanthus project on your farm.

Miscanthus markets are booming. Whether for bedding, energy or mulch, you can consider developing your own marketing in your area. Valuation prices are attractive, between 100 and 200 euros/T in bulk, with yields between 10 and 20T/ha.

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