Supply of miscanthus chips


Supply of miscanthus chips

Novabiom supplies its customers with miscanthus chips or processed products, on demand or under long-term contracts.

Products are delivered in chips with a moisture content of less than 15%, kept dry.
Depending on customer requirements, chips can be processed by grinding, sizing and dusting.

Packaging is adapted to every need: bulk, 15 kg palletized bales, 1 to 2m3 bigbags, bundles, granules, etc.

Supply on demand

Supply of miscanthus chips for various uses.

The product sheets below provide information on the properties of miscanthus shavings and their suitability for specific uses.

Please contact us for more information.

Multi-year procurement plans

Novabiom implements supply plans for its customers, thus ensuring them a long-term biomass solution in a short circuit.

Our services include the following actions:

  • Qualification of requirements: volume, technical and contractual data, etc.
  • Search for local producers, within a radius of less than 40 km.
  • Planting miscanthus crops.
  • Supply logistics organization.
  • Collection and delivery.

Our offer sheets :
Fuel for Biomass Boiler

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