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The Novabiom offer


Novabiom: an experienced partner, involved at your side

Novabiom supports farmers wishing to plant miscanthus. Novabiom also supports private individuals, industries and local authorities who need a rigorous and reliable biomass supply. Since 2006, Novabiom has produced over 150 million Miscanthus giganteus plants. Novabiom has planted over 7,000 hectares in France. The chips grown on these surfaces serve a wide range of customers: heating plant operators, livestock breeders, distributors for green spaces, equestrian centers, etc.

A complete, adapted and quality offer

The Novabiom team is committed to supporting farmers by supplying them with top-quality rhizomes. The rhizomes are produced in our French nurseries in the Centre region. Depending on their needs, Novabiom advises and supports farmers in their planting projects, and offers them commercial outlets.
Novabiom is also committed to helping users with their biomass needs: supplying miscanthus chips or processed products, setting up miscanthus supply plans, etc.

Extensive experience in a wide range of soil and climate conditions.

Since 2006, Novabiom has planted over 7,000 ha of miscanthus in a wide range of soil and climate conditions in France and Europe.

Commercial rigor for a lasting commitment.

Convinced of the qualities of miscanthus, its benefits for the environment and the prospects it offers, the Novabiom team is committed to developing this plant in a sustainable way.
This valorization benefits economic, ecological and social development.

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