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Novabiom : the miscanthus specialist

Since 2006, Novabiom has been developing miscanthus cultivation and utilization in France and Europe. The company has 24 associates, 15 of whom are farmers. All are committed to a sustainable, meaningful project.

Our team includes technicians and agricultural engineers, and devotes a great deal of time to R&D. Novabiom is involved in two H2020 projects funded by the European Union: GRACE (Growing Advanced Industrial Crops on Marginal Lands for Biorefineries) and MAGIC (Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops).

A lasting commitment

Moreover, the development of a more ecological and sustainable form of agriculture is at the heart of the Novabiom project, for both its team and its associates. In particular, this involves reducing and eliminating the use of chemical inputs, promoting local projects involving local players and thus generating social ties, and seeking out projects that generate environmental services.
"Our corporate commitment to sustainable development

Novabiom: A chain logic

Finally, our team is at farmers' service to supply miscanthus seedlings, and to ensure the successful establishment of their crops and commercial projects.

Novabiom is also a supplier of miscanthus chips and processed products, for use in biofuels, animal bedding, mulching, bio-sourced materials...

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