Planting miscanthus crops


A complete and secure solution for the implantation of your miscanthus crop

Miscanthus is a crop in which farmers have been investing for over 20 years. That's why Novabiom is committed to working alongside growers, supplying them with Miscanthus giganteus rhizomes and a range of services to optimize and secure crop establishment:

- agronomic advice in the field,

- organization of planting site with specialized planter,

- financing,

- support for the development of value-added products.

Novabiom (Ferme de Vauventriers - 28300 Champhol - 02 37 21 47 00) is accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture to provide independent advice on the use of phytopharmaceutical products under number CE01401.

High quality rhizomes

We harvest Miscanthus giganteus rhizomes in our nurseries in France at the end of winter. They are then carefully sorted and stored at controlled hygrometry and temperature until planting.

Novabiom has a unique production capacity, with a cumulative output of over 150 million rhizomes. We control the quality of the plants we produce, with tests carried out by a specialized independent company.

We pack rhizomes in bigbags of 5,000 or 10,000 units.

Environmentally friendly locations

Novabiom is particularly committed to promoting the development of miscanthus projects with added environmental value, for water protection and the fight against soil erosion.

Water protection
Miscanthus cultivation no longer requires systematic chemical inputs after planting. It acts as a buffer against diffuse pollution along watercourses and creates dilution zones around water catchment areas.

Erosion control
Miscanthus is a perennial plant with a permanent canopy and dense root network. It prevents gullying, thus effectively combating erosion.

Examples of achievements

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