A miscanthus technical day in Saône-et-Loire, to discuss crops and uses.

At the heart of Novabiom's raison d'être is regenerative agriculture, with miscanthus as a solution for the territories. At the beginning of March 2024, our miscanthus technician Philip Van der Pluijm organized a Technical Open Day in collaboration with miscanthus producer M. Gaudet in La Salle (71). Heizomat France, an expert in miscanthus boilers, also took part in the event, which was attended by some forty participants.

Discussions on miscanthus, its use in heating and mulching for vineyards.

Miscanthus, a hardy, perennial plant grown without inputs.

This day was an opportunity to explore together the opportunities offered by miscanthus, both from an agricultural and energy point of view. In particular, we discussed innovative practices around miscanthus cultivation, the environmental benefits it offers, and the miscanthus heating solutions proposed by Heizomat.

Miscanthus shavings, packed in bales, form a high-performance mulch.

In addition, the Saône-et-Loire Chamber of Agriculture and several winegrowers shared their expertise on the use of miscanthus for mulching vines. This agricultural practice is particularly interesting in the context of reducing inputs. An illustration from Pays de la Loire: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNUvwu2-kQw

Many thanks to all participants, speakers and, of course, our partners for their invaluable contribution. These exchanges have strengthened our knowledge and created fruitful links in the field of sustainable agriculture and renewable energies.

Together, let's continue to promote environmentally-friendly solutions and build a more sustainable future.

A technical day rich in exchanges. 1/2
A technical day rich in exchanges. 2/2
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