MiseEauVert research project

The MiseEauVert research project was launched on January 30, 2024. It brings together a consortium of four INRAE research units (BioEcoAgro Estrées-Mons, HYCAR Antony, EcoSys Saclay and IJPB Versailles) and Novabiom, to work on "Ecosystem services of miscanthus to restore water quality and soil fertility".

The ANR (French National Research Agency) is funding this 4-year project, coordinated by Maryse Hulmel (Inrae, BioEcoAgro unit).

MiseEauVert aims to demonstrate the effects of miscanthus on water quality (nitrate and phytosanitary products) under water catchment areas by monitoring miscanthus plots over 3 years. It also deals with the restoration of soil quality, by studying the use of miscanthus as litter in livestock farming, and the amending and fertilizing properties of the manure obtained. A final section looks at miscanthus varietal improvement.

The launch of the MiseEauVert research project marks the beginning of a project that is a logical extension of MisTigation, "Miscanthus to mitigate climate change". MisTigation, another research project, also includes a focus on the use of miscanthus ecosystem services to create territorial projects.

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