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Supply of miscanthus chips


Supply of miscanthus chips

Novabiom supplies its customers with miscanthus chips or processed products, on demand or under long-term contracts.

The products are delivered in chips of less than 15% moisture content, kept dry.
Depending on the customer's needs, the chips can be processed by crushing, sizing and dusting.

Packaging is adapted to each need: bulk, palletized bales of 15 kg, bigbags of 1 to 2 m3, bundles, granules ...

Multi-year procurement plans

Novabiom implements supply plans for its customers, thus ensuring them a long-term biomass solution in a short circuit.

Our services include the following actions:

Qualification of the need: volume, technical and contractual data...
Search for local producers, within a radius of less than 40 km.
Establishment of miscanthus crops.
Logistical organization of the supply.
Collection and delivery.

Our offer sheets :
Fuel for Biomass Boiler

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