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Our sustainable commitments


NovaBiom: a sustainable commitment

First and foremost, it was their motivation for sustainable development that brought the 15 founding partners of NovaBiom together in 2006 and led to the creation of the company. These motivations, which have been taken up and shared by our employees, translate into a sincere and daily contribution to sustainable development.

Social commitment

Secondly, our social commitments are reflected in the following:

- Develop short-distance activities, with a distance between producers and consumers of up to 40 km.
- Involve local players, especially farmers, and help them to reclaim their outlets.
- Promote activities that create links between town and country.
- Take into account the impact on people's quality of life.

Environmental commitment

What's more, our environmental commitments don't stop there:

- Develop crops with a proven non-invasive character.
- Promote protection methods for organic farming.
- In conventional farming, experiment with and promote maximum input limitation.
- Contribute to the restoration of water quality.
- Contribute to land-use planning and biodiversity.

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Economic commitment

Finally, our economic commitments are revealed by :

- Contractualization to secure farmers' income and consumers' supply plans.
- Contribute to the development of the rural and local economic fabric.
- Optimize logistics to favor farm income and the production of more economical energy.

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